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Charity 'sleepover' event to help vulnerable local families

A sleepover event that sees people endure a night of discomfort in their back gardens will take place on Friday, January 29.

A family preparing for the Charity Link sleepover

Charity Link, which supports people in need throughout Leicester, Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire, is asking members of the public to take part in the sleepover to help provide essential items to vulnerable local families.

The annual event, which raises vital funds to provide food, clothing, heating grants, beds, cookers and other essential items, is taking place slightly differently due to the pandemic and this year Charity Link is encouraging you to experience a little hardship at home for night.

Susan McEniff, Director of Charity Link, said: “People can choose to sleep out in a tent in their garden or spend the night in their garage or shed. Others might want to sleep with their children on the lounge floor to experience what it’s like not to have a bed.

Pictured right: Susan McEniff

“The main thing is to get involved and start 2021 by doing something amazing to help others during these really tough times. If the whole night is too much, we’ve a two hour mini sleepover event so we hope as many people as possible will get involved.

"Our unique way of working means that by raising just £25, you could help to provide a bed for someone who doesn’t have this basic item that we all deserve.”

All funds raised via the sleepover will help to improve the lives of local people in need, including those directly impacted by the pandemic and also the wider community, such as families escaping domestic violence and those with chronic illnesses and mental health issues.

You can register that you'll be taking part in the sleepover here.


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