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The Midnight Run: how you can take part in this exciting, creative event

You don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to enjoy this unique experience.

The Midnight Run returns to Leicester with a wonderful cross between artistic and environmental appreciation and participation.

The popular event will take place on March 25 and 26.

With 130 guest artists and over 1,400 individual participants, it has cemented its place as a fun, unique activity for art and night lovers all over to enjoy.

Maybe you have a burning passion for the arts, or perhaps you just enjoy the city at night? Whichever, The Midnight Run can be enjoyed by anyone.

It was established 16 years ago in 2005, designed and carried out by poet and playwright Inua Ellams. It has seen 53 original events come to life spanning across seven countries.

So what is The Midnight Run?

First off, The Midnight Run is more accurately described as a walk as there isn’t actually any running involved.

As for what it consists of, the aim is to get everyone appreciating the amazing nocturnal life of Leicester in coordination with the Liberty UK Festival 2022.

The Midnight Run will be led by poet and Midnight Run artist Andy Craven-Griffiths alongside three local artists based in Leicester as well 3 surprise guest artists from other European countries.

The event will begin at 6pm and will see up to 35 participants journey across town, admiring many of the lesser known nooks and crannies of the city. They'll simultaneously be keeping an eye out for any nocturnal nature and wildlife.

They will also partake in a number of specially designed games and activities as they stop

across the route, all thoughtfully curated by local artists. Past experiences from previous events have included, life-drawing, choral singing, tai chi and they’ve even “had a hand” in puppetry!

The idea is that the Midnight Run directly opposes the fast-paced style of city living and the hardships that come with it: loneliness, generalisation, community erosion, and of course, environmental damage.

The Midnight Run brings all kinds of people together. It allows people to enjoy some company, conversations, entertainment, instills community trust, and helps people to discover (or rediscover) their inner creativity.

As well as demonstrating the incredible artistic talents of our community, it also helps plant, nurture and grow the creative essence of everyone involved.

Participants must be 16+ with under 18s being accompanied by an adult.

Tickets are £3. Participants meet at 5.45pm and the walk begins at 6pm.

Route and meeting location will be disclosed to participants nearer to the date.


Written by Fox Whitemore

Fox is a 23 year old Media and Communications graduate from De Montfort University and currently working as an intern for Cross Productions. He is passionate about writing both creatively and journalistically, loves working with the local community and would love to be writing as a full time job in the future.


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