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best new business

Sponsored by Hollingsworth Solicitors 

This should be a company that has been trading for less than three years. The business must be able to demonstrate a strong plan and performance to date, whilst also standing out from the crowd.

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business growth

Sponsored by Torr Waterfield

We are looking for a business small or large that has seen considerable growth over the last 24 months. From staff numbers to upskilling and profit margins.

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of the year

Sponsored by BP Legal

The criteria for this award are categorised into four areas: financial performance, personal qualities, managerial skills, and contribution to Leicestershire’s development.

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of the year

Sponsored by Breedon Consulting

Who has demonstrated the aptitude and attitude of a true entrepreneur? Your nomination should go to the person you believe to be ambitious, visionary, and intuitive, who has excelled against the competition or been the first to achieve success with a unique product or service.

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best family business

Sponsored by Kazzoo

This award is open to businesses that are owned and run by a family who are still instrumental in the daily operations of the business. From third generation to newly formed, we want to hear what they have to offer!

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rising star

Sponsored by PPL PRS

Recognising an emerging leader in business whose work reflects ongoing and exceptional growth in contribution to the profession as well as increased levels of leadership and responsibility.

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charity of the year

Sponsored by Mr H IT

The search is on for Leicester’s most loved charity. We want to find the charity that is active in making a positive impact within the Leicestershire community.

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digital business

Sponsored by Take Me

We are searching for organisations that practice online. This award looks to find a company that is optimising elements such as exceptional delivery, site engagement and functionality, security, innovation, ethical practice and/or sales growth.

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professional services

Sponsored by Jerroms Miller

Recognising a business that shows evidence of strong professional performance, demonstrates excellence in its sector, offers excellent customer service and can identify what sets it apart from its competitors.

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community impact 

Sponsored by Leicester Children's Holidays

An organisation that has made an impact within the Leicestershire community in a positive way with exceptional corporate social responsibility references that have benefitted either fellow business owners and their companies, charitable organisations, the environment, or causes, movements, or initiatives.

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businesswoman of the year

Sponsored by Tilton Conway

The criteria for this award are categorised into four areas: financial performance, personal qualities, managerial skills, and contribution to Leicestershire’s development.

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best small business

Sponsored by Ninja HR

Our judges are looking for companies with 1-50 employees with a turnover under £5 million. What innovative processes are being used? What best practice? What sets this business apart from the competition?

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best customer service

Sponsored by Fraser Stretton Property Group

This award will be presented to the business that has provided the best service to their clientele. The business will regularly go ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty to ensure their customers receive excellent service.

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of the year

Sponsored by Growth Partners

A Leicestershire company that stands out due to its efforts in employee engagement, support, incentives and benefits, and one that invests in and upskills staff.

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eco excellence

Sponsored by Beau Aesthetica 

Organisations that have made green practices and sustainability a top priority will be considered for this award. Its leaders will have imparted knowledge to employees and encouraged ‘green’ thinking whilst the company as a whole takes proven action to reduce its impact on the environment. 

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