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Recruitment company teams up with St Andrews Football Club

The Aylestone club has been going for 50 years.

A recruitment company has announced the completion of a three year sponsorship deal with St Andrews Football Club.

Teamwork Partnership says the sponsorship of the team fits with its aims of supporting organisations and people in the local community.

St Andrews, a local team founded in 1973, aims to encourage young people to enjoy the sport and also to encourage them to work together both individually and as a team to develop their skills and help the team to build on past and future successes.

In addition to helping with the development of St Andrews Football group and facilities, which will now be called the Teamwork Partnership Stadium, Teamwork Partnership will focus particularly on the development of the youth players for the team by supporting the engagement of a youth team coach.

They hope this approach will help to secure the future success of St Andrews, but also help young people to develop their football technique and learn important team skills, while also providing them with an interest that will inspire their future life-skills and journey.

Teamwork Partnership Managing Director, Dan Brown, said: “Football is more than a competitive sport. It helps young people to improve their physical and mental health and provides young people with the opportunity to engage with others in their local community.

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with St Andrews on this exciting journey, and know that, working together, we can all achieve these objectives.”


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