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Reviewed: Middltons Steakhouse for Leicester Restaurant Week

Baked Camembert and Banoffee Pie!

Middletons Steak House

I’ve always felt we are pretty lucky as a city to have so much choice when it comes to eating out.

On October 18 we will see the launch of Leicester Restaurant week as we follow other leading cities in a pursuit to encourage people to try somewhere new, eat out and support the hospitality industry. What a great excuse to check out that place you always see in your news feed and think “oh I really want to try that”.

Inside Middletons

With 27 restaurants already committed to the cause each coming to the table with a set offer to tempt you in, I booked in to Middlestons Steak House to experience the three course set menu they have for the people of Leicester.

Like everyone, I often look up at the stunning Grade II listed, baroque-style building situated in St Martins Square and think “I really need to try that place”. I have to say I’m quite annoyed at myself for not having been sooner…

To start, we had Chicken Liver Pate with onion chutney and toasted brioche, as well as Baked Camembert paired with a glass of Peroni and a house red. Neither disappointed.

For the main, we ordered the 8oz Rump Steak with blue cheese sauce and the Spanish Mixed Grill complete with piri-piri chicken breast, prawn skewer, and pinwheel chorizo sausage. Possibly one of the best steaks I have had. The meat was tender and almost melted in your mouth.

In all honestly, we could have stopped there but as it was a three course deal, I felt it would be rude not to go all in so I managed to find some room for the Banoffee Pie and a taste of the Chocolate and Salted Caramel Torte with chocolate sponge and biscuit base.

With cuisine to suit everyone’s taste, I urge you to check out the great venues and their offerings and challenge yourself to eat out at as many of those places you “quite fancy” next week!

Let’s get behind Leicester Restaurant week and you never know… we could see it return year in and year out!

If there was ever a great excuse to eat out it’s this!


Written by Jenny Cross

Jenny is the CEO of Cross Productions, which publishes Niche Magazine. She has over 20 years of marketing experience and writes content for media campaigns as well as articles on all things Leicester and Leicestershire related. She's an avid networker and helps businesses connect with others across the Midlands.


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