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Reviewed: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe at Curve

The cast received an outstanding standing ovation.

Samantha Womack stars in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Based on the novel by C. S. Lewis, director Michael Fentiman brought the story of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to life with his theatrical adaptation.

The plot revolves around four children who escape the battle from World War II only to find themselves in a war to fight the White Witch and restore peace in Narnia.

Themes of magic, betrayal, bravery, fear, and kindness pay homage to the novel with the play’s eccentric story telling.

To set the scene in World War II, the opening credits involved a member of cast playing soft instrumental music on centre stage. An ambience of calm was interrupted with strobe and flashing lights, haze, and smoke with sounds of a departing locomotive.

I found myself engulfed in the childhood fantasy of Narnia.

Karise Yansen, who plays Lucy Pevensie, did a super job of playing the innocent younger sibling of Susan, Peter, and Edmund.

Fentiman’s choice of a broad, creative cast brought action to life on stage as it was relatively easy to follow the play’s rhythm of the complex story.

I was impressed by Samantha Womack’s performance who plays the White Witch. Her performance took the audience by surprise as she flew down onto stage.

The cast also engaged with the audience through Narnia’s animals of a red squirrel, beavers and Schrodinger’s cat which caused giggling children in the audience.

The musical score of the play revolved around the wartime theme with reference to peace, kindness, and courage.

I wondered how Fentiman would bring Aslan’s character to life on stage, but the director’s choice of puppetry stunned audience members by its ten feet tall skeleton model.

Aslan, played by Chris Jared, reminds us to enjoy the best of both worlds – imagination and reality.


Written by Siddiqa Reininghaus

Siddiqa is a Feature Writer for Niche Magazine and Cross Productions with experience of working as a journalist and copywriter. She enjoys going to the gym, cooking, and binge-watching Netflix series.


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