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Setting up your own business: where to start?

A business adviser gives her advice to those thinking of setting up their own business.

Business adviser Wendy Foster

Starting a business can be daunting. There are a lot of considerations, a lot of planning and many different resources and avenues to explore.

Understanding all of this can be a challenging and daunting task. This is where speaking to a business advisor can come in; they can clarify what information is needed and why, what actions to take next and why – ultimately so that a big idea can become a business reality.

Wendy Foster is a Business Adviser with the City Business Library. She said: “I help support new business owners by helping them source relevant and valuable information. I do this via one-to-one sessions, group training and events.”

Passionate about helping those starting and running a business, Wendy has been working with the City Business Library for over a decade. In that time, she received her SFEDI Professional Business and Enterprise Service Support Level 5 qualification, assisting her in helping anyone who wants to turn their great idea into their own business.

“Research is a boring word for most people, but this is where we come in,” says Wendy. “Before you decide whether you should work for yourself, you can get some security from conducting research into your finances, your industry sector, your competition and your customers.”

Wendy understands that the word ‘money’ can sometimes be an uncomfortable one, but the reality is that money can make dreams a reality.

“Having a healthy cashflow allows you to be able to pay the bills. Many people I work with are not comfortable with numbers or budgets, so a business adviser can help here too.”


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