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Leicester's The Gazette to launch online and in print

Print copy will cost £2 a month.

Emma Guy (left) and Reece Stafferton (right) are two of The Gazette's co-founders.

A new Leicester-based newspaper will launch online in early 2023 and later in print.

Gazette co-founder Reece Stafferton said he hoped a co-operative model, as seen in Bristol and Manchester, would bring the city together and help create trust between readers and journalists.

“Journalism is one of the least trusted professions in the country,” they said. “And that’s exacerbated by the fact that five or six major companies dominate local newspapers.

"They don’t tell relevant stories about the communities they serve, particularly under-represented, marginalised and disadvantaged people.

"As a co-operative, everyone can become a part owner of the business and have a say in how we run.”

The Gazette follows in the footsteps of the Leicester Citizen, a Substack-based newsletter launched in 2021 as an experiment — to see if people would like a different type of news coverage in Leicester.

Reece, a De Montfort University Graduate, said that the way local newspapers run now isn’t sustainable, highlighting the excessive number of stories they make journalists write every day to reach arbitrary page view targets.

“We want to focus on citizen-led multimedia and investigative journalism. There isn’t room for online ads, clickbait headlines and obsessive sensationalism at The Gazette.

"We’re going to do things differently. Only true, reader funded investigative journalism can make genuine change.”

Early next year The Gazette will make membership available, and ask people to become members for as little as £2 a month, with the option to contribute more.

Launching a newspaper when the cost of living has skyrocketed is a challenge, but Reece said he’s prepared to help lower-income families access quality journalism.

Those who are struggling with the cost of living can apply for free membership, paid for by members who contribute more than the average.

“People who join the membership will get the very best reporting from The Gazette, with a healthy dose of news, features, interviews, opinions and more.

"What’s more, you’ll be supporting a new type of journalism.”

Leading The Gazette is a small team of creatives and journalists, all of whom have a deep understanding of local issues and a passion for bringing the community together.


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