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Three major leisure centres to go under renovation in Leicester

The refurbishment work is to be completed by summer 2022.

Spence Street Sports Centre in Leicester.

Over £2.15 million will be spent on renovating three major leisure centres across Leicester. These include Aylestone, Braunstone and Spence Street sport venues.

Spence Street Sports Centre currently offers swimming facilities, a gym and sports classes. A large sum of the £2.15 million will go towards this leisure centre to improve its expansion of a new studio and toileting facilities, including a changing area.

Spence Street’s refurbishment is expected to increase income by around £144,000 a year as the venue will welcome 500 new members.

To improve energy efficiency, funding from the government’s Salix scheme will invest in solar panels and LED lighting as part of Spence Street Centre’s upgrade.

Braunstone’s Leisure Centre will see an expanded version of its ground floor and first floor in order to create a 90-station gym. This is expected to cost £630,000.

A supplementary of £314,000 will go towards Aylestone Leisure Centre’s reception area for added secure measures as well as a new exercise studio.

These key developments are essential to Leicester City Council’s Active programme which is designed to encourage people of all ages to stay physically fit.

Braunstone Leisure Centre in Leicester.

The Active Leicester initiative has been put into place to encourage more people to stay physically healthy and fit by participating in sports and daily exercise.

Over the course of last year, the number of visitors to these leisure centres significantly dropped despite the £2.8 million upgrade back in 2018.

Although the global pandemic was the main cause for less visitors, since lockdown has lifted attendance is still quite low compared to other leisure centres across Leicester.

The plans for these modern developments are to start in the New Year and to be completed by summer 2022 with the hopes of increasing visitors to the fitness centres.


Written by Siddiqa Reininghaus

Siddiqa is a Feature Writer for Niche Magazine and Cross Productions with experience of working as a journalist and copywriter. She enjoys going to the gym, cooking, and binge-watching Netflix series.


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