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Web-based platform seeks venues with spaces that can be used as flexible workspaces

It aims to become the "Air BnB of hot desking".

Now we know most of us can work from mostly anywhere, why are we limiting ourselves to just the office and the home?

A new initiative is in development that promotes alternative options for suitable workspaces.

Get A Desk allows East Midlands venues to list and market spare areas in their buildings with the potential to be used as spaces workers to set up in for the day.

The platform is currently being tested and loaded with venues ready for launch. It will initially be web-based and focused upon the East Midlands with plans to later expand.

Leicestershire County Cricket Club’s Uptonsteel County Ground at Grace Road is one exciting venue that has jumped on board to be amongst the initial list of venues.

Leicestershire County Cricket Club is a Get A Desk venue

Leicestershire-based entrepreneur, and owner-director of FSB member Northleigh Commercial Management Ltd Garth Colan is behind the concept.

He explained how the idea came about: “I previously worked from home for a number of years, prior to us leasing an office in Market Harborough, but always found it a sub-optimal place for working, especially if it was for a prolonged period.

"I often sought to find alternatives, from my parents’ spare room to coffee shops but I was frustrated by the lack of options, particularly if I wanted a quieter setting where I could spend the day without overdoing the caffeine!”

Garth identified the need and potential solution: “I think the evolution towards remote working has been in trend for a decade or more but Covid has obviously proved to be a huge catalyst.

"There are so many benefits to remote working but we shouldn’t just limit that to ‘working from home’. Many who work from home most of the time can find issues with separating home-life from work-life, or can find themselves distracted or even with a feeling of isolation.

"What we are seeking to do with Get A Desk is to enable people to find a variety of alternative options for home-working or else to provide convenient locations to get work done whilst on the go."

Get A Desk venues may vary from established offices, co-working spaces, hospitality venues, pubs, or even sports stadiums.

“Our current focus is on making sure that we have a good number and variety of venues listed so that we can launch with a wide offering for our users, providing a fantastic selection of venues across the East Midlands."

To list your venue, email Get A Desk.


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