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What’s coming up at the National Space Centre

Upcoming events and a first look at the latest addition, the Home Planet gallery.

Home to the UK’s largest planetarium, Leicester’s award-winning National Space Centre is hosting a variety of fun yet educational events in the upcoming weeks.

Perfect for keeping space enthusiasts little and large, entertained over the Easter holidays that are just around the corner.

Brickish Weekend - March 12-13

Joining forces with Fairy Bricks and Brickish Association, the Space Centre is bringing back their much-loved weekend filled with all things LEGO.

It’s been two years since they celebrated their last LEGO-themed weekend, which just so happened to be its tenth anniversary.

With the global pandemic spoiling all the fun the last two years, I’m sure visitors of the centre and LEGO enthusiasts alike, will be keen to get back to showing their creative side and get building.

The Space Centre will be filled with huge (and we’ve been promised HUGE!) LEGO creations. As well as a shop, competitions, mosaic building, games and play areas for the little ones.

All the usual attractions the Space Centre has to offer will also be open, so visitors can get the 'double whammy' of all things space and LEGO!

Malika Andress, a spokesperson for the National Space Centre, said: “We opened table bookings last week and already have filled every gallery, meeting room and a spare bit of space we have with awe-inspiring LEGO creations.

"We are bringing back the LEGO mosaic that people can get involved in building, and Fairy Bricks will be on-site to use the power of LEGO to brighten the lives of sick children in hospital.”

Fairy Bricks are a local charitable organisation teaming up with the National Space Centre and Brickish Association to host this event.

Their 'Chief Fairy' has said: “Play is a vital part of the recovery process when children are in hospital.

"It provides comfort, distraction and is even used as an educational tool by Play Specialists to assist children with procedures they have to endure.

"Fairy Bricks aim to deliver LEGO to over 200 hospitals throughout the UK and 26 other countries per year.”

Tickets for the event cost £16.50 for adults and £13.50 for children and concessions. Under 5s are free.

Supper Club – March 19

Fine dine in the heart of the museum with space-themed cocktails and a five-course tasting menu. Explore the iconic 42m high Rocket Tower and kick back and relax for a planetarium show of the night sky. Perfect for a romantic night away from it all.

Small Space Day – May 6

With the centre closed to groups or schools, small children are able to toddle, explore and engage with the exhibition freely.

A day for toddlers to have fun with early years development activities, crafts, sensory storytime sessions throughout the day and a special planetarium show for the little ones.

Home Planet gallery opening

Currently in the works is their new gallery dedicated to Earth titled ‘Home Planet’, thanks to essential funding from the Severn Trent Community Fund.

The gallery is set to open its doors to the public by Easter and aims to inspire visitors to think about important issues such as recycling, electricity usage, rising temperatures and melting ice caps etc.

It will be a fully interactive experience, a great way to educate the younger generations on how we can all do our bit towards living more harmoniously with our home in space.

Just like the Space Centre is doing its bit by having over 700 solar panels on its roof. 

Kevin Yates, Head of Exhibition Development at the National Space Centre, said: “We hope this new gallery will present the reality of the challenges we face but also help people to see that there are individual and collective changes we can make that will create a better future for us and all life on Earth.” 


Written by Aimee Culverhouse

Currently interning for Niche Magazine, Aimee is keen to grow her portfolio in journalism whilst studying her Master’s degree at De Montfort University, in Fashion Management with Marketing. She enjoys writing about upcoming events, sustainable fashion and retail.


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