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A lady celebrates at the Niche Business Awards at Athena in Leicester



The Niche Business Awards are known for their quirky themes and relaxed business setting.


Most importantly though, they bring together businesses and organisations of all sizes to celebrate each other's success.

Here, you'll find our past winners and footage of what took place on the night.

In association with Cross Productions Ltd.

  • How do I book tickets for the NBAs?
    Tickets can be booked via the online form on the Niche website. Alternatively, you can book tickets below.
  • When is the Niche Business Awards ceremony?
    The Niche Business Awards ceremony usually takes place on the first Friday of September each year.
  • Who can I nominate for an NBA?
    Anyone you feel is deserving, including yourself! That said, we especially love when people nominate friends, colleagues, or business partners, as it helps to grow the local business community, and involve people who may not otherwise be aware that the awards exist, nor that they’re even eligible. If you work for or own a company of any size that is based in Leicester or Leicestershire, you're eligible to be nominated in the Niche Business Awards. We accept nominations from anywhere in the world, as long as the nominee is Leicestershire-based.
  • Where can I find the finalist announcements?
    Finalists are announced via the Niche Magazine website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and within the Quarter 3 issue of the magazine (August - September).
  • Can I nominate after the nomination deadline?
    No, sorry! The nomination form will be closed once the nomination deadline has passed. This is because we need to allow the judges ample time to process all the applications. Nominations usually open between December and March.
  • When are pictures from the NBAs available and where can I find them?
    Official photos of the winners will be sent directly to them within days of the event. General event photos are posted on our Facebook page. Others may be published in the magazine, or used on other social media platforms. Don't forget to tag us in your own pictures @magazineniche, and use #NicheBizAwards.
  • Where/how do I nominate?
    Nominations can be submitted via our Categories page, although the window is only open for a fixed period of time (typically between December and March). The form requires you to state the name of the nominee, provide accurate contact information for them, and state a reason as to why you believe they deserve to be nominated.
  • Where can I find information about the Niche Business Awards?
    Everything you need to know about the Niche Business Awards can be found here. You'll also find updates on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • When can I expect to get my nomination/finalist badge?
    Nomination badges are sent automatically upon successful receipt of the nomination form. Badges for finalists are typically sent the morning after the announcement event.
  • How many finalists are there for each category?
    Typically three, though this is at the judges’ discretion should they feel they need to recognise more/fewer nominees.
  • How can I submit a story?
    If you have a story with a direct link to Leicester or Leicestershire, please submit it to our parent company Cross Productions via
  • Do you cover events and stories outside Leicester?
    We only feature stories with a direct link to Leicestershire. However, this can sometimes include topics that extend beyond the county if we feel it may be of interest to readers, such as travel destinations, offers, or political topics.
  • How often do you post new news stories?
    We update you with news and what’s on every week. Sign up to receive notifications every time we upload an article.
  • Where can I find the latest issue of Niche Magazine?
    You can find Niche Magazine in various supermarkets, cafés, salons, surgeries, receptions, and train stations. Let us know on Instagram if you spot a copy! Click here to read the latest issue online. Our back issues are all uploaded to Issuu
  • What news stories do you cover?
    Anything about or happening in Leicestershire! We cover local business news, lifestyle features and cultural topics.
  • How often is Niche Magazine published?
    We print a new issue of Niche Magazine every quarter. Our four issues per year are published in the first weeks of January, April, July, and October. Our news section on is updated weekly.
  • What information would Niche Magazine need from me for me to advertise?
    To advertise in Niche Magazine, we’ll need to know the location of your business and its main activity. If you plan to send an advert to us ready-made, we require specific sizing (listed below). If you’d like us to create an advert for you, we’ll need: your company logo, pictures you have permission to use, wording you wish to be featured, and the overarching goal you aim to achieve by advertising in Niche Magazine.
  • Can I still advertise with you if my business is not in Leicester City?
    Yes! While our articles only cover stories with direct links to Leicestershire, advertisements are not limited to the city and county. If you feel your business could benefit from Niche Magazine’s 70,000+ print readership each issue and its average 4,465 web clicks per month, then we’d love to work with you. Feel free to contact Marketing Director Sally Smith at or call 0116 271 2573.
  • Can advertising with Niche benefit my business?
    Advertising in Niche Magazine places your business in hundreds of locations around Leicester and Leicestershire. We have an estimated quarterly readership of over 70,000 from the 7,000 copies of Niche Magazine that we send out to supermarkets, cafés, salons, surgeries, train stations, and local businesses. Plus, we receive an average of 4,465 clicks a month at, where people read our latest issue online. As a small local business, we love to support other small local businesses so our advertising packages don’t just stop at a one-off advert. Our team is passionate about celebrating the reputable businesses we work with and will continue to recommend you to our network that spans across the East Midlands at any appropriate opportunity. We’ll also love to share any other opportunities we think would be a great fit for you or your company if you're open to them, and connecting you with other local businesses, creating mutually beneficial relationships.
  • How can I/my business be featured in Niche Magazine?
    We love to hear stories that have a link to Leicestershire. Please send relevant stories and feature ideas to our parent company Cross Productions via If we feel our readers can benefit from your story, there’s a chance for you to be featured in Niche Magazine’s quarterly print publication. However, we cannot always print every great story we come across due to spacing, deadlines and other magazine industry factors. In this case, we may be able to post your story on Otherwise, we have plenty of advertising opportunities that we can share with you. To discuss advertising opportunities, get in touch with Marketing Director Sally Smith on or call 0116 271 2573.
  • How do I increase the amount of space I have in Niche Magazine?
    You can choose to double your exposure in Niche Magazine by requesting extra pages for your advert at an extra cost. Our page rates start from £800.
  • What are the prices to advertise in Niche Magazine?
    We have a range of packages to suit businesses large and small. Our Business Booster package is the most popular with local businesses. Prices for the Business Booster start from just £125pm for 12 months, which includes a page advert in four issues of Niche Magazine, social media shout outs, and the opportunity to send in articles to be posted on, our sister company’s website, or our parent company’s website, depending on which platform we feel best suits submitted articles.
  • What do I do if I have not received my copy of Niche Magazine?
    Niche Magazine is sent out directly to those who advertise within it. If you haven’t received your complimentary copy, please contact Marketing Director Sally Smith at or call 0116 271 2573.
  • 2023 in action
    Businesses across Leicestershire 'joined the carnival' at the Niche Business Awards 2023
  • 2021 in action
    The Mad Hatter's Tea Party theme was a hit with over 550 guests in 2021
  • 2021 Niche Business Award winners
    Niche Business Awards 2021 🎩🐰 #NicheBizAwards THE WINNERS Entrepreneur of the Year Sponsored by Kazzoo David Hunter - Take Me Education Excellence Sponsored by Leicester Castle Business School The Crucible Project Professional Services Sponsored by The Miller Partnership Ninja HR Businessman of the Year Sponsored by BP Legal Mark Smith - Truinvest Businesswoman of the Year Sponsored by Tilton Conway Nicki Robson - Breedon Consulting Best New Business Sponsored by Hollingsworth Solicitors Truinvest Best Family Business Sponsored by Er Recruitment Charles Bentley Business Growth Sponsored by Torr Waterfield Michael Smith Switchgear Best Small Business Sponsored by Barratt Smith and Brown Imperial Roofing Supplies Best Digital Business Sponsored by Take me Local Hero Award Sponsored by Fraser Stretton Darren Bradbury - protection specialist Community Impact Sponsored by Mr H IT Mission:Foodbank Rising Star Sponsored by PPL PRS Jenna Leigh - JL Mentor Employer of the Year Sponsored by Growth Partners Michael Smith Switchgear Best Customer Service Sponsored by Phil Nassau action coach Jodi Kate Skillen Charity of the Year Sponsored by Morningside Pharmaceuticals Shama Women’s Centre Community Champion Sponsored by Cross Productions Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan - Zinthiya Trust
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