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12-month saving plan: how to save in 2021

Tips for saving money in the second year of the pandemic.

This year, a lot of us have made many goals in different departments of our lives. Many of these goals have a lot to do with our finances.

Covid-19 took an unexpected turn in many lives, many made redundant, and others put on furlough making it a bit harder for those who hadn’t saved before.

There are some benefits from this lockdown, one being able to avoid the temptations of spending in retail clothing stores; shops such as Fosse Park's Primark where you’ll go in for socks, and come out with multiple bags.

There's also the bonus that we've been saving a bit of money as transportation costs have become lower, holidays aren’t happening for a while hence more money to put in a savings account, and no more lunches from Pret - other food and retail stores are, of course, available.

Saving during these times seems like a hurdle with potential circumstances changing at a constant speed, but having savings will make the difference when navigating the possibly unknown future and the situations that arise.

Though this will not be an easy process, taking things to apply from this into your daily lives could change some things for the better. A savings plan is always great for a rainy day and for emergency funds.

Things to remember and take into consideration are that you do not need to have thousands of pounds to begin saving, putting a set amount aside can make all the difference.

CouponMamaUK and The Penny Pal each released a savings challenge and plan for people to get stuck into.

The images we've featured from them here focus on two different ways you can save during this year, and are a guide to adapt to your daily life and circumstances.

We're looking forward to being able to spend some of our savings on activities and experiences, clothes and delicious food, staycations and local adventures in Leicester and Leicestershire in a bid to help drive economic recovery locally when it is advised by the government that it's safe to do so.

Good luck saving!


Written by Blessing Taiwo

Blessing Taiwo is a recently graduated student from the University of De Montfort, Leicester. She has also challenged her passion for writing by branching out to create her own online platform Ble-Syn which consists of interviewing celebrity artists and reviewing their work too. Taiwo's desire to create creative content has landed her opportunities with working with employees affiliated with well-known fashion and creative brands.


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