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A new campaign teaching isolated people to use technology has launched

An IT company is teaching people how to use their computers and mobile phones as part of a campaign to combat loneliness.

The initiative that teaches those who find it difficult to communicate with friends and family to

use technology to help them stay connected launched on September 1.

Kazzoo in the Community’ aims to benefit the elderly, disabled, or people who just aren’t

confident with technology and may have experienced loneliness during lockdown.

Kazzoo IT will be providing 90 minutes of one-to-one IT lessons and general tech support to

those who would benefit from being able to use technology to prevent loneliness or simply to

deal with the new digital age.

Chris Cain, who owns Kazzoo IT, said: “It’s for people who are isolated or on their own with

no friendship group, for grandparents who have people they’d love to speak to, and anyone

who is frightened of technology and doesn’t know how to use it.

“We want to enable them to search the internet, do their shopping online, and talk to their

family and friends on a tablet, phone or computer because that interaction could make their

day and improve their wellbeing.”


Read the full article in Niche Magazine.


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