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Amanda Daly: "Be a leader who's stronger than ever"

In the wake of the global pandemic, many businesses are left asking one crucial question: how do we rebuild better?

This question, according to Amanda Daly, owner of The Turnaround, a results driven consultancy firm, is one of the most positive outcomes to emerge from a challenging 2020.

“First and foremost, the way to adapt and grow through challenging times as a business leader is to start with inner work. The journey of self-discovery and self-improvement through reflective and honest talk will undoubtedly turn a business leader, and in turn, a business from good to great,” Amanda Daly opens our chat.

Having emerged from huge challenges in her personal and business life, Amanda speaks from experience. Coming from a place of learnt wisdom, as a business leader who, once she’d asked the right questions to herself at a difficult time, emerged with a business idea which was to help her go from good to great.

“I was experiencing a difficult time when The Turnaround was born. I had zero work-life balance, my family life had suffered, my own goals and aspirations suffered, and as a result my career was suffering too. Nothing was in balance,” Amanda shared.

It was only after realising these difficulties that Amanda knew something had to change. Using this realisation to its most effective form, she started The Turnaround to share her experience and learnings of what truly makes a good leader with other business leaders who may be feeling burnt out.

“Running a business can be exhausting. Picking oneself up when things get seriously challenging, like they have for so many businesses this year, is most certainly not easy. It can be isolating and extremely pressured when everyone in your team is looking to you for answers.”


Read the full article in Niche Magazine.


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