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B Corp revolution: Furnley House and Shakespeare Martineau lead the way for Leicester businesses

B Corp measures a company’s social and environmental impact.

An audience watching a presentation in a modern office

Independent financial adviser Furnley House and award-winning law firm Shakespeare Martineau joined forces for the annual Leicester Business Festival.

The collaborative effort aimed to enhance the local business landscape by providing a platform for education, networking and fostering growth.

At the heart of this collaboration was a dedicated focus on raising awareness for achieving B Corporation certification, a certification that signifies a business adheres to elevated standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

The early morning kicked off with an introduction emphasising the significance of cultivating a business that goes beyond mere profit generation. The event was presented by Kevin Dunn, Head of Culture from Furnley House and Helen Hay, Group Culture & Sustainability Director from Shakespeare Martineau.

Presenter Kevin Dunn said: “The turnout was fantastic and the level of engagement from everyone was truly impressive. Helen Hay’s insights were invaluable, contributing to a deeper understanding of what B Corp represents and the positive impact businesses can make.

"My hope is that every attendee left with not only a stronger grasp of B Corp values but also the inspiration to embark on their own transformative B Corp journey.”

The event served as a beacon for local businesses to become inspired to make the city more of a positive place to live in.

Furnley House hosted the successful event in their office premises, attracting a crowd from both Leicester and Leicestershire who also joined virtually.

Attendee, personal branding coach and social media trainer Ella Orr, said: “Kevin Dunn and Helen Hay gave a very informative and honest presentation about how rigorous the process is to achieving B Corps recognition. I think this is a brilliant and much needed initiative in the business world and I hope we can help it to grow in the East Midlands region.”

The hosts proceeded to share their respective paths to achieving B Corporation certification, capturing significant attention, and sparking insightful questions from the astute business audience.

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