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Beyond business as usual with the Small Business Leadership Programme

SME support from De Montfort University’s Leicester Castle Business School to positively impact Leicester’s future.

While DMU’s public engagement team reaches out to the public for ideas to build back better in Leicester, its associated Leicester Castle Business school (LCBS) has been on the frontline helping businesses to go beyond business as usual in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

DMU’s Dr Dyneshia Johnson, Associate Professor at LCBS, has said that reskilling and retooling is “usually what happens in a time like this.”

She added: “Personal mastery is important, especially in turbulent times. The ability to handle uncertainty is a big factor for entrepreneurs.” As such, Dyneshia is pleased to be named Programme Director of the fully funded Small Business Leadership Programme, which she runs alongside Programme Manager Jackie Cooper and Programme Facilitator Nadina North.

LCBS exists to “meet the needs of 21st Century business” by teaching students, who may already be graduates or are currently working and wish to upskill, to go “beyond business as usual” in ways that positively impact local communities.

The school itself is proactive in developing Leicester’s economy by teaming up and making links with organisations and business leaders to give back to their students providing tools and inspiration.

The connections the school makes are passed down through its courses that have been designed since their inception to help improve businesses with the economy in mind. Currently, LCBS has a team of Entrepreneurs in Residence which includes leaders across various sectors such as media, hospitality, and technology.

Another defining factor of LCBS, is its contemporary approach to education. Dyneshia has noticed a change in the way learners choose to engage, which has especially taken precedence this year.

This is particularly relevant for individuals returning to education: “We’ve designed our executive education courses to be delivered concisely, flexibly and quickly. Modules can be put together to create a bespoke course that results in a certificate or diploma which could then be built upon later to a masters qualification.

“And what we’ve seen throughout the pandemic is that people are embracing knowledge in this situation. We don’t know too much about what is happening because this is an unprecedented time in history. It’s an important time for businessowners and leaders to understand, observe and evaluate what’s happening, document it and analyse it.”


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