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Business finance in a post-pandemic Leicester

The Build Back Better campaign is taking place, but one company began assisting local businesses in their own way to help towards the same goal: to build a better future for Leicester post-pandemic.

De Montfort University and Leicester City Council are working together – along with healthcare organisations and the emergency services – as part of its efforts to help Leicester ‘Build Back Better’.

The Build Back Better campaign focuses on five key areas that coronavirus has had an impact upon: health, the economy, communities, infrastructure, and the environment.

Business advisors at city centre accounting firm Torr Waterfield hope that, although the business is not directly involved in the campaign, they will have a positive impact on what DMU is trying to achieve in the ‘economy’ section of their plans.

Director at Torr Waterfield, Mike Waterfield, said: “We weren’t aware of Build Back Better until early October but when we read more about it, we realised that the reasoning behind what we’ve been doing has had a lot in common with the campaign so far.”

Torr Waterfield acts not just as an accountancy practice but also as a business advisory service for their clients aiding them to grow their business or achieve their goals.

When lockdown was announced, Mike and fellow director Mark Torr assessed the financial damage that could potentially affect their clients and their businesses, and therefore, their own. They then set about being proactive in finding fundraising avenues for each of their clients.


Read the full article in Niche Magazine.


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