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Charities benefit from Mattioli Woods and Amati’s continuing generosity

Local business donates £169,950 in 2023 charity pot.

Sickle Cell Society receive donation from Mattioli Woods

Mattioli Woods has a long history of supporting local communities and this year have donated a staggering £169,950. Every charity nominated will receive between £250 and £40,000.

Working in partnership with Amati Global Investors Limited, Mattioli are continuing to give back in a big way despite the cost of living crisis.

Amati Global Investors Limited has continued their practice of donating 10% of their profits to charity and, with Amati being a part of the Mattioli Woods family, they are able to benefit from this incredible generosity.

Each year their employees help to distribute these funds. In 2023 alone they received 97 requests for donations to charities that either provide support directly to their colleagues or for causes that are important to them.

Charities including Derian House Children’s Hospice, MND, Reach and The Wave Project received the funds at a time when donations have dropped due to the cost of living crisis.

A recent report from ICAEW said although 40% of charities could rely on their reserves, many charities would need to implement ‘strong financial management and ingenuity to survive’.

Ian Mattioli, Chief Executive Officer of Mattioli Woods said, “Once again our colleagues at Mattioli Woods have made us proud with the vast amount of nominations sent in for us to choose which charities we should work with.

"While we continue to support our national charity, British Heart Foundation, we are always looking for ways we can help those smaller charities that are close to our colleagues’ hearts. The Amati pot gives us this chance to help those up and down the country.”

ADAPT Prembabies are one of the charities receiving a donation and Development Co-ordinator Sue Williams said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive this kind donation and can confirm that this donation will be put towards purchasing items for the baby packs given to every new mum on the neonatal units.

"These baby packs give parents lots of useful information on how to cope with having a special care baby. We use over 1,500 of these baby packs each year. At a cost of £5.75 per pack, this donation will go a long way in helping to meet our funding requirements.

"The parents are so grateful for these packs as we are always hearing about and supporting mums who go to work in the morning and by tea time their baby has arrived unexpectedly very early and they have nothing organised for baby’s arrival.”

For a full list of the charities that Mattioli Woods has helped see here.


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