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Exclusive sportswear range launched after Leicester business collaboration

A local independent retailer has partnered with an international sportswear brand.

Leicester-based independent retailer Wellgosh has teamed up with historic sportswear giant Admiral for an exclusive new range, Admiral Sporting Goods Co. (ASGco).

The new range aims to bring about a fresh take on some classic designs. ASGco. pays homage to the brand’s Leicester roots with a nod to the local area in the product names which include the ‘Wigston’ sweatshirt, the ‘Aylestone’ t-shirt and the ‘Beaumont’ training shirt.

Pete Turner, Managing Director at Wellgosh, said: “We are really proud to be working with ASGco. as the global launch partner for the range. The brand is steeped in Leicester history and it's about time we shout about all the great things that come out of our city!”

Admiral was founded in 1903 in Wigston by Leicester locals Christopher Cook and Harold Hurst who, along with a small group of local employees, manned eight machines to create high-quality woollen underwear.

Fast forward to 2020 where days of small-scale production are a distant memory as the brand has gained international recognition and established itself as one of the big players in sportswear, producing premium products for the modern menswear consumer.

To drive the awareness of the Wellgosh x Admiral collaboration, available in the retailer’s city centre store as well as online, Leicester-based marketing agency Digital Ethos has been responsible for promoting the range.

Calum Howarth, Head of Strategy at Digital Ethos, said: “When Pete first told us about this collaboration, we couldn’t wait to get involved. For many of us, Admiral is a household name that Leicester has grown up with and to bring this iconic brand back with a modern take is something we were honoured to be part of.”

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