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How to make goal setting work for you

From small business owners to multi-corporations, most companies will have their work cut out for them to recover from the effects of coronavirus 

Goal setting is a way to measure the real changes that have taken place in your business over a period of time. And no doubt you will have witnessed real change most recently.

Whether they’re put in place to increase sales, or to improve employee efficiency, goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely – altogether: SMART.

One company that has thrived from SMART goals is accounting firm Torr Waterfield. Set up in the year 2000, Torr Waterfield has 20 years of experience in dealing with the finances of companies small and large.

Mike Waterfield, Co-Director, said: “We’re not just accountants, we’re also business advisors. Torr Waterfield turns 20 in September so we’ve had the experience of knowing what does and doesn’t work for businesses and where they should invest their time and money. It goes without saying, however, that no one could have prepared for what was about to come.

“We originally did this interview before coronavirus took over the country, but in reviewing the advice we originally put forward, we can’t believe how relevant the tips are now that we must all try to recover our livelihoods."


Read the full article in Niche Magazine.

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