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Goldsmiths unveils stunning new Leicester showroom

'Luxury today has become far more relaxed'.

The new luxury space

Goldsmiths opens its luxury, contemporary Leicester showroom.

The new expanded showroom boasts a fresh interior concept, as well as a line-up of luxury timepieces and fine-jewellery brands.

Goldsmiths has created a retail environment of the future embracing a modern and relaxed way to browse.

“This is a significant milestone for Goldsmiths,” says Craig Bolton, executive director of the Watches of Switzerland Group.

“Luxury today has become far more relaxed, inclusive, and experiential, so while we are elevating the Goldsmiths brand position. Our goal is to make everyone feel valued and at home when visiting our stores.

"Our ambition is for everyone to have a memorable luxury experience long after they’ve made their purchase.

"We believe the repositioning and new store concept will transform not just the Goldsmiths profile and experience but bring some fresh life to our high streets.

"We are particularly delighted to launch our new showroom, in Leicester, our head office location."

The updated retail concept features increased focus on luxury watch brands through a relaxed, inclusive and experiential in-store environment.

With dedicated luxury brand areas, a bar and seating areas, there is plenty of opportunity for customers to relax and enjoy the hospitality.

The luxurious and modern retail environment that embraces more of a lifestyle-led, relaxed shopping experience Goldsmiths’ Leicester showroom features a whole new interior design concept.

The new calming, yet dynamic space was conceived in partnership with the award-winning UK-based design collective Quadrant Design.

Light, uncluttered, open spaces in a monochrome palette of luxurious materials such as white-washed oak timber, white terrazzo and blackened steel are all there.

Combined with visual architectural forms that include repeating vertical lines and soft curves inspired by the Goldsmiths logo, it's contemporary luxury design with a relaxed atmosphere.


Written by Emily Miller

Emily is a Senior Journalist for Niche Magazine with over a decade of journalism experience. She enjoys going to gigs, visiting galleries and walking in all weathers.


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