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Group bike ride and free gym use for Lamp's 5k Trip to the Moon

Open gym for people to raise money for mental health charity Lamp.

Attain Health Studio is setting out on a group bike ride in support of Mental Health Awareness Week tomorrow.

The social bike ride will contribute towards local mental health charity Lamp and its 5k Trip to the Moon challenge. The project has been taking place all week and will end on Sunday.

Lamp's aim is to collectively complete 384,400km, the distane from the Earth to the moon.

They're encouraging people to walk, run, swim, or take part in any other physical activity throughout the week and raise £1 per kilometre that they cover.

Lamp mental health challenge 5k Trip to the Moon

So far, Attain Health Studio has accumulated over 150km and raised more than £280. Their target was to reach £200 by the end of the week.

They're gearing up for some group activities taking place tomorrow.

Here's a run down of the day.

10am - Group Social Bike Ride

The route will total 7.5k as part of the Lamp Trip to the Moon project. It will cover quiet roads and cycleways at a conversational pace. First-timers are welcome.

Anyone can join in with the bike ride. Just turn up at the Attain Health Studio in Clarendon Park, or sign up here.

11.30am - Group Social Run

Meet at the Attain Health Studio. The run will be at a steady pace around the local area.

12.30pm - Open Studio

The studio will be open for free use of the cardio equipment to help log additional kilometres, or to have a leisurely workout.

Cake and hot and cold drinks will be provided. The team say: "If there's no time to work out, come for the cake!"

3pm - Close

All are invited to take part tomorrow on Saturday, May 14 from 10am.

If you can't make it, donations can be made here.


Written by Kerry Smith

Kerry is editor of Cross Production's Niche Magazine in Leicester and has a degree in film and journalism. She writes about business news, local people, entertainment, and has a particular interest in theatre.


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