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Heart and home: getting to know Mindful Mortgages

Mindful and mortgages aren’t two words typically seen together but to Mindful Mortgages and those who use their services, it makes for a harmonious relationship.

A home isn’t simply a place to hang your hat, a home is a place where your heart rests, where memories are made and where life happens, and this concept is the lifeblood of their company.

Established in 2017 by our Founder Sam, Mindful Mortgages draws on Sam’s extensive experience in the home sector, her expert knowledge of the financial aspects and most importantly her desire to marry together all the elements which helps families, couples and solo owners feel like their house is a home.

“Today our company is growing, and from our office in the countryside complete with toys for children and of course plenty of cups of tea, our close knit team work together to ensure what can be a typically daunting purchase is, well, far less so,” Sam explains.

Moving home is often anything but plain sailing and with mortgages, paperwork, solicitors, and estate agents to deal with before a box is even packed there are a whole host of emotional and stressful aspects to get to the dream.

“We of course tackle the practical side of mortgages and paperwork; but we also make it our business to ensure the right fit for our clients. There is no one size fits all and we make it a personal endeavour to make the fit work long term, whether that is for a new purchase or a remortgage.

For them a home is absolutely personal and so their approach to getting the right mortgage, helping with solicitors and seeing the sale right through until way after the client gets the keys is personal and everything they do as part of the process is mindful.

“A home is more than a property, it’s more than bricks and mortar and in many cases it’s one of the biggest and most costly purchases and life events we make. It’s not about numbers it’s about people and for us, with people at the heart of what we do we work to ensure that our clients’ home becomes a place where their heart belongs.”

Whilst this year has certainly been anything but easy for businesses, Sam is delighted to tell us of their award finalist status at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

“We feel very proud and also pleasantly surprised to be down to the final four in this category! When you genuinely love what you do like we do, being nominated or chosen for an award is the icing on the cake!”


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