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How Netflix's 'Maid' brought one local charity trustee to tears

The show struck a chord with millions of viewers.

Having landed on the popular streaming channel Netflix at the beginning of October, Maid, propelled its way into the top five one’s to watch list and has been downloaded and viewed on most TVs across many countries.

To be more precise, around 67 million in just four weeks!

This limited series was created around one of New York Times best-selling books from Stephanie Land.

The story took its viewers on a journey of highs and lows as we were gripped by Alex’s struggles of an emotional and financial abusive relationship, homelessness, mental health issues, and motherhood.

I personally found this a harrowing watch and by episode nine sat in floods of tears as the story continued to unfold showing the harsh reality of abusive cycles.

Bringing well-deserved attention to topics such as how many times it takes to finally break free from an abusive relationship – and stay free – and how hard it can be to navigate government systems alone, as well as the support needed to keep pushing forwards every day.

How Netflix's Maid is relevant in Leicester

Here in my hometown of Leicester, it is shocking how many cases of domestic abuse there are.

Did you know that over 40% of people live in poverty and can’t afford to feed or clothe their children in Leicester?

I'm a trustee of the Zinthiya Trust charity whose mission it is to help alleviate poverty and abuse here in Leicester and Leicestershire as everyone deserves to live in a world without these worries.

Through awareness, information, advice and practical support, the charity is a beacon of light for many.

In the short space of time from April 2020 to December 2020, the Zinthiya Trust helped write off more than £821,000 of debt for its beneficiaries. It also held over 4,000 interventions.

The figures here are shocking, stand alone, and speak for themselves.

I would ask anyone who has not seen this series to take the time to watch and comprehend how hard it is to push back in the face of adversity.

Opening our eyes, we realise the portrayal of Maid's Alex could be your colleague, your sister, your neighbour, your friend, your mother, or your daughter.


Written by Sally Smith

Sally is a marketing director at Cross Productions working on local business campaigns and digital media. She writes content to raise awareness for charities and advice pieces on marketing.


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