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INTERNATIONAL MEN'S DAY: How grief and loss set a new chapter in motion

Determined to start a new chapter after redundancy, divorce, and the loss of a loved one, co-founder of Paradigm Wills and Legal Services reveals how he did it.

Bhavin Gandhi and his wife Vitu Kava on the London Eye

Living back with mum and dad, Bhavin Gandhi decided in his mid-20s that he would prove himself, remain single, work hard, and focus on his career.

Bhavin, 38, from Oadby, is co-founder of Paradigm Wills and Legal Services along with childhood friend Satwinder Sidhu.

The two formed the business back in 2015, but to get to this stage in his career, Bhavin would experience some emotional upheavals, which would take him on a journey to the accomplished life he leads now.

In his early 20s, Bhavin was juggling two jobs for a while. But, after some consideration, decided to leave one job to progress in the other only to be made redundant from that role just a week later in 2005 rendering him jobless.

Picking himself up, he took a management position at Aon and thrived in his role there for the next five years. This period in his life though was a troubling one.

Later in 2005, Bhavin lost his granddad who he describes as his rock having become another father figure to him during his childhood while his dad would work five days a week in Scotland to provide for the family.

“You can never fill that void,” he told us. “You can try but it’s something you never get over because you always miss that individual.”

It was in 2008 when he would have to move back in with his parents after a divorce he “was not ready for” that “left him with nothing”, and would limit time with his son to just the weekends.

Things began to look up in 2010 when Bhavin left Aon to become self-employed with another Leicester-based firm.

Within seven months he was promoted to Business Support Manager, and due to his success was promoted to National Sales Manager six months later having 400 members of staff under his remit at just 29 years of age.

He was thriving financially and able to get on the property ladder...


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