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Invest in Leicester team says marketing is a strategic priority to support city growth

Net zero and housing demand are also priorities.

Invest In Leicester team dressed in office wear stand together at Leicester Racecourse
The Invest in Leicester team

Roundtable discussions have been taking place in Leicester and Leicestershire, run by the Invest in Leicester team.

Invest in Leicester is an initiative established by Visit Leicester in order to help businesses relocate to the city or county, and to search for premises and land for sale and rent.

Tom Purnell, Assistant Chief Executive at Leicestershire County Council said: “We have ambitious growth plans, and we know that partners are key in shaping and delivering our vision.

“Thanks to the hard work and collaborative relationships between our public and private sectors, Leicester and Leicestershire offers an attractive business and investment location. The round tables offer a fantastic opportunity to understand how we further raise the profile of the city and county.”

Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Council met with private sector businesses including Queensbury Real Estate, GMI, Mulberry Developments, Morgan Sindall, and Hickman and Smith in the second collaborative Invest in Leicester round table event.

At the first session, held at Space Park Leicester, partners identified marketing the place as a key priority to support investment and sustainable growth across the city and county.

Other priorities include unlocking growth, meeting housing demand, achieving net zero and planning to support growth.

The second round table took place at Leicester Racecourse and focused on how the public and private sector work together to market Leicester and Leicestershire. They also discussed how to reflect on successes and constructively challenge issues, leading to positive outcomes for businesses and residents in the city and county.

Richard Sword, Strategic Director for City Development at Leicester City Council commented: “It’s critical that communication lines are open between the council and our partners in the property industry.

"The city has seen significant regeneration over recent years with more large-scale regeneration planned in the future. We can only realise the city’s ambitions with the help and support of our partners. It was an insightful round table session, identifying ways to better market Leicester and Leicestershire, alongside some meaningful industry insights around the challenges faced in our region.”

The next roundtable will look into planning to support growth with further round tables due to be held in the coming 12 months in the city and county’s drive to continue their partnership working with the private sector.


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