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Leicester comes in top for life expectancy in new research

Research shows the best cities UK retirees.

Leicester has been named a top UK city for retirees looking to move to a city, thanks to its above-average life expectancy.

The city also ranks highly for its easy walking routes and hospital trust rating, according to figures in The Access Group UK Retirement Index 2021.

The UK Retirement Index is based on a detailed analysis of 20 UK cities, commissioned by health and social care technology provider, The Access Group.

It's based on the factors that could influence a retiree’s choice of where to live – from crime rates to how hilly a city is, right down to the cost of a pint.

Of all the UK cities included, Leicester achieved the seventh-highest overall score, but the following came top for:

  • Disability-free life expectancy: Edinburgh (10.9 years)

  • Flat terrain: Hull

  • Cheapest pint: Stoke (£2.89)

  • Green spaces: London

  • Lowest crime rate: Coventry

  • Care homes (CQC-rated adequate and above): Southampton

Commenting on the findings, Steve Sawyer, managing director of the health and social care division at The Access Group, said:

“Retirement is a golden opportunity to choose exactly where we live when we no longer have to worry about being close to work and school catchment areas.

“Although a coastal or rural location might be attractive for some retirees, others can find it isolating –they prefer the buzz of the city and the convenience of good public transport and amenities. Our figures show that Leicester offers many positives for retirees, especially its highly rated hospitals.”

Managing Director at Middleton Hall Retirement Village, Suzanne Graham, said: “Anyone planning their retirement living will be considering a number of different factors that matter most to them.

“Now free from the decisions affecting many homebuyers, such as job locations or school catchment areas, they have the flexibility to prioritise what they’re looking for and focus on what really matters to them.

“From a wide range of amenities to the health benefits that living somewhere offering exercise, new challenges and social opportunities will provide, anyone of retirement age will be giving a lot of thought to both the location and the community facilities available in a place where they can settle down and relax – free from the stresses of a commute, for example.

“If you are considering moving home ahead of, or after you retire, then recognising the different priorities that retirement living may provide will be important. This will help you streamline your search to help you find the location and type of lifestyle that’s right for you."


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