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Leicester Cricket leading the way for green ethics in sport

Leicester County Cricket goes greener.

Inspired by the ongoing 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP26, as well as the Club’s values and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Leicestershire County Cricket Club is making moves in becoming even more green.

The club recently reverted back to its heritage colours of red and green. Green branding has been implemented around the Uptonsteel County Ground. Leicestershire is following suit in reducing its carbon footprint and becoming more environmentally friendly.

The club has pledged to undertake an audit ahead of the 2022 campaign opener to ascertain what changes are required to help the outline their environmentally friendly approach.

Leicestershire CCC returned to the Grace Road site in 1946. These are the first measures being implemented in order to create an eco-friendly Club.

A number of exercises have already been outlined by the club to increase the environmentally friendly output. They include changing the lighting inside the indoor school and down external pathways.

Stadium Manager Sandra Clark said: “Whilst a lot of the Club’s KPI’s are focussed around cricket and commercial performance, we also have a duty to our environment and we want to take the required steps to become more energy efficient.

“There is a lot to do, but we are exploring every possible avenue that we can take to make sure that we protect the environment as a Club as much as we can.”

The club is in discussion with its suppliers to improve the disposal of all types of waste. It's also taken strides to reduce the waste throughout the course of the cricket season with reusable cups that can also double up as a souvenir.


Words by Emily Miller

Emily is a Senior Journalist for Niche Magazine with over a decade of journalism experience. She enjoys going to gigs, visiting galleries and walking in all weathers.

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