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Leicester's top spot for gluten-free indulgent desserts

A Coeliac's pudding paradise where all your wheat free wishes come true.

A pancake stack with strawberries and chocolate at Haute Dolci Leicester
Plenty of gluten free options for Coeliacs in Leicester's dessert spot

Haute Dolci is the dessert location of dreams. Waffles, crepes, cookies, cakes… anything sweet your heart desires.

Located in Granby Street, Haute Dolci has a magical atmosphere enticing customers with its decadent, luxurious interior and enchanting, sweet aroma.

This spacious 300-seat restaurant offers the perfect venue for socialising with family and friends while enjoying a selection of gourmet desserts.

The matte black exterior of Haute Dolci Leicester

Have any allergies or intolerances? Well, Haute Dolci caters and provides a safe and welcoming environment, offering many options including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.

Therefore, Haute Dolci can be a risk-free space for Coeliacs, including myself. Cross-contamination is a huge caution for Coeliacs. As little as one single crumb of gluten can affect our intestines, leaving us suffering with many undesirable symptoms.

However, Haute Dolci is aware of Coeliac disease and allergies so uses different areas to prepare and present desserts, therefore reducing the risk of cross-contamination, creating peace of mind so you can enjoy your sweet treat without being anxious.

A white booth with a white table and white chairs at Haute Dolci Leicester

Being a coeliac can come as a struggle to find a safe and tasty dessert place, yet Haute Dolci provides endless gluten-free options from waffles with ice cream, to pancake stacks and chocolate with over 40 different delicious options.

Haute Dolci first opened in September 2018, creating a new exciting dessert place. Every dessert is crafted with only the freshest and finest ingredients; therefore, every bite is like a sweet melody that brings joy to your taste buds.

From the moment you walk through the door, you will be submerged in a utopian world full of divine desserts and sweet surprises – you won’t want to leave.

a croissant on a plate on a pink table at Haute Dolci Leicester

They supply desserts that aren’t just delicious but are also artistic and full of elegance. Whether you have a sweet tooth or enjoy a savoury delight, Haute Dolci has you covered.

Haute Dolci is open throughout the week, making it a must for special occasions, or just a midweek treat. Especially for those living with Coeliac disease and food allergies and intolerances.



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