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Leicester to celebrate a weekend of culture, community and diversity

A Caribbean High Tea Party in the Park and Culture Clash.   

Get ready for an unforgettable weekend with Opal22 as they celebrate Leicester's vibrant Culture and History.

The two thrilling events: Caribbean High Tea Party in the Park and the dynamic Culture Clash celebration are fun dates for your diary. The free to attend events are set to attract large crowds looking to lose themselves in a day of Caribbean charm and festivity.


The weekend's line up starts with a bang from 12-8pm on Saturday, June 22, with the vibrant Windrush Caribbean High Tea, an exhilarating family event hosted by Eddie Nestor, the beloved comedian from The Real McCoy comedy show. 


From the soulful beats of DJ Herdle White, Leicester’s longest-serving BBC Radio DJ, to the melodious tunes of the award-winning Contrast Steel Band, there’s a rhythm to match every mood.

Enjoy electrifying performances by Can't Blame the Youth, David Stickman Higgins’ rhythmic poetry, the Pressure Tenants' rocking vibes, and the exceptional Tann-i Browne adding to the musical extravaganza.


Explore the rich history and impact of the Windrush generation at their special Windrush exhibition hosted at Museum Square, Leicester. This engaging display offers a deeper look into the Caribbean community's significant contributions and enduring legacy.


There's something for everyone. Children will be delighted with a host of fun activities, while adults can explore the cultural market and indulge in tasty Caribbean delicacies at their food stands.

The highlight of the day looks set to be exclusive Caribbean-inspired High Tea Experience. For just £25, you can savour a luxurious selection of teas paired with Caribbean treats, a feast for both the palate and the eyes. Remember to book this memorable experience in advance to secure your spot.

Then, keep the momentum going as they gear up for a landmark celebration of diversity and inclusion with 'Culture Clash' on Sunday, June 23, at Museum Square, Leicester, from 2-8 PM.


At the heart of 'Culture Clash' is a dazzling message of inclusivity and harmony, inviting everyone from all walks of life to come together and revel in the beauty of cultural exchange. This isn't just an event—it's a vibrant fiesta of understanding, respect, and community solidarity!


The line-up of live performances is nothing short of spectacular! From the eclectic sounds of the King Brasstards to the extraordinary voices of the Wonder Twins, attendees will be transported on an unforgettable journey. Feel the unique flair of the Wieśniacy Folk Song and Dance Group, be moved by the soulful EAGA Gospel Choir, get transported by Afro Drum Generation's storytelling and drumming, and be captivated by the intricate dance moves from Nupur Arts Dance Academy.


The open and free event will host a food market with an array of flavours from around the globe.

Kids will be thrilled with hands-on activities inspired by different cultures, making it a day of immersive fun and learning for the whole family.


Caribbean High Tea Event Details

Date: Saturday 22nd June

Time:12 PM - 8 PM

Location: Leicester Museum Square

Admission: Free (Caribbean High Tea requires advance booking, cost £25.00)

Culture Clash Event Details

Date: Sunday 23rd June

Time: 2 PM - 8 PM

Location: Leicester Museum Square

Admission: Free

Join in for a weekend where culture and history come alive, making memories that will last a lifetime.


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