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Leicestershire business brains have created a brand new concept in coaching

'For too long the coaching industry has relied on you, the client'

Amanda Daly and Alex Morgan from The Daly Insight Centre
Amanda Daly and Dr Alex Morgan from The Insight Centre

A new community of business coaches has formed in Loughborough and looks set to shake up the idea of coaching as we know it.

The insight Centre was created to offer its members flexible access to a trusted community of coaches, consultants and therapists that can offer valuable coaching and advice for the business and the business owner.

Founder Amanda Daly said: "We do not believe in a one-size fits all approach to coaching. So, we are disrupting the profession we love for the benefit of our clients.

"For too long the coaching industry has relied on you, the client, committing to a long-term relationship with just one coach. We do not believe this always gets the best results."

Fusing mind and business, membership to The Insight Centre provides access to a central online learning hun where members can use a library of continuously updated thought leadership content designed to challenge and inspire.

Topics include: company health checks; creating a safe culture; emotional intelligence; employee wellbeing; communicating as a leader, and many more.

Each month, there is a public-facing Lunch & Learn session that enables members and would-be members an opportunity to meet their community of coaches and network with other motivated business leaders and learn something new from a top industry speaker, in a bitesize, lunchtime session.

Dr Alex Morgan joined forces with Amanda to create the brand new coaching concept for top business executives looking to develop themselves as much as their business.

On the idea of traditional coaching vs The Insight Centre's new concept, Alex said: "What if you need leadership coaching this week, then financial coaching next week?

"What if you have an important presentation to prepare for this month, then a tricky international meeting the following month? What if today you have time management challenges and tomorrow you need to prepare for a meeting with a difficult team member?

“We don’t feel it is realistic, or in fact ethical, for one coach to guide you through every imaginable scenario. So, we have created a way for you to access different coaches with different expertise, providing a range of growth experiences right for you at just the right time.

At the same time, we’ve made access to these coaches affordable, levelling the playing field in the coaching market. Your unique personal development journey is safe in the hands of our talented team.

"Our team work collaboratively, we support and trust each other, so that we can give you exactly what you need when you need it.”

The next Lunch & Learn session takes place on Friday, March 24. There'll be a short session from Linda Neville – an expert in helping business owners take care of their own mental health and wellbeing.


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