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Leicestershire company crystallises collaboration with prestigious hotel

Collaboration with Mandarin Oriental, Doha Hotel & Spa.

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Crystal Auras announces prestigious collaboration

Crystal Auras, an internationally renowned ethical crystal retailer in Leicester, has proudly announced a prestigious collaboration with distinguished hotel and spa, Mandarin Oriental, Doha.

Based on Narborough Business Park in Leicestershire, Crystal Auras was initially launched in 2020 at entrepreneur, Nyree Brough’s kitchen table, after she spent two years prior researching the crystal market and prospective suppliers.


The integration of crystals into the world of hospitality is being embraced by some of the world’s most respected brands as they use crystals to shape the modern guest experience.

Now, with the exciting new collaboration with Forbes Five Star awarded hotel and spa, Mandarin Oriental, Doha, Crystal Auras is being singled out as one of the sector’s leading voices.


The luxury hotel, renowned as the go-to destination for international high-flying travellers, successful entrepreneurs and famous faces to unwind and rebalance, has chosen to collaborate with Crystal Auras on its new Crystal & Sound Ritual treatment, as part of the spa’s range of specialised, luxurious treatment offerings. 

Nyree Brough, Founder of Crystal Auras, comments: “We are incredibly honoured and proud to be working with the team at the Mandarin Oriental, Doha.  We both believe in the power of crystal healing, energies and spirituality, and by working with the crystalline energies, you can enhance your life through healing vibrations.”


Nyree continues; “We’re seeing a transition across all areas, including the luxury market, towards holistic, spiritual wellness, and an immersive experience that is felt energetically. People are moving away from processed and transactional environments, to focus on rejuvenating the mind, body and soul, as is evident in our exciting new partnership at Mandarin Oriental.”

In-keeping with its Oriental heritage and incorporating elements of feng shui, the spa is also planning to place crystals throughout the spa spaces in collaboration with Crystal Auras, aiming to enhance the energies and promote abundance on all levels.

Cassandra Forrest, the Senior Director of Spa & Wellness at Mandarin Oriental, Doha says: “The treatment has been exceptionally well-received, with numerous wellness guests praising it as one of the most enjoyable experiences they have ever had."

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