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Let’s Get Lost selects Lamp as new charity partner

A Leicestershire-based company has pledged to donate proceeds from discounted kayaking tickets to support a local mental health charity.

Let’s Get Lost, the Leicestershire-based outdoor adventure company, has announced a new partnership to support Lamp (Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project).

Let’s Get Lost will support the Lamp mental health charity by donating 10% of ticket prices for hiring of kayaks to customers using a specific code (LP10).

Anthony Ball, Owner of Let's Get Lost Said: “I am a big believer in building and supporting local community-based companies, charities, and initiatives, so I want to help by collaborating and sharing the positive charities out there with the local community.

“I have been aware of Lamp for a few years now and I have always admired the work they do. I have been waiting for the opportunity for Let's Get Lost to be in a position where we can support and partner with them, as from my personal experience with depression and other mental health challenges, as well as speaking to and hearing from other men and women, how desperately important it is to have a service like Lamp.”

Matt Barton, Operations Officer at Lamp added: “We’re delighted that Let’s Get Lost have chosen Lamp as one of their charity partners.

"Supporters such as Let’s Get Lost are vital in helping us to deliver our mental health advocacy and services that are increasingly needed across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

“As a charity, one key area of focus for us is the positive impacts that physical exercise can have on mental health so this link with Let’s Get Lost and their kayaking adventures is particularly relevant.”

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