Make some noise in your business

In a global pandemic, here’s how we can support the artists who deserve to be paid just as any other service provider

Music artists of all genres have been keeping us company during lockdown. They’ve provided a comforting background to our home gym sessions, new hobbies we’ve taken up, and some of us have even discovered playlists for working to (the benefits of which are unparalleled by the way, but we’ll cover that later).

You may never have heard of the artist who provided the synth for the new track you’re obsessed with (and in danger of overplaying until you’re sick of it), or the backing singer who supports your favourite band on every album, but they get a cut every time those songs are played. And for some of them, it’s their only stream of income.

We need to show those artists our support now more than ever, just as we do with most businesses and individuals facing crisis due to Covid-19. One way we can do this is with TheMusicLicence.

Did you know there is only one company in the whole of the UK that deals with music licencing and it’s based right here in Leicester? PPL PRS Ltd was formed as a joint venture by music rights societies PPL and PRS for Music, and made Leicester their home in 2017. These are the guys who make sure those grassroots artists are supported.


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