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Music licensing company joins East Midlands Chamber as Strategic Partner

PPL PRS will be forming a close relationship with East Midlands Chamber.

PPL PRS Managing Director, Andrea Gray, said: “Being a Strategic Partner of East Midlands Chamber allows us to engage with other industries, share best practice and knowledge, and of course help to build a fantastic network of companies – all working to ensure that the East Midlands remains an economic hub for UK industry.

"We are very proud to be based here in Leicester, and proud to be a part of the thriving and supportive business community that helped us settle in back in 2017.

“We now hope to become a fundamental member of that community, and we also want to help and support other businesses within the area."

PPL PRS was formed in 2017 as a joint venture between the UK's two music rights societies. In February 2018, the company launched TheMusicLicence.

Under The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, permission is needed from the relevant copyright holders – those people who create music – in order to play or perform music in public.

Obtaining TheMusicLicence gives businesses this permission in relation to the vast majority of commercially available music. This ranges from grassroots and independent artists and composers through to the biggest names in the business.

It also means they don’t have to spend time and energy contacting potentially hundreds of thousands of rightsholders individually to get permission to play or perform their music in their business.

East Midlands Chamber Chief Executive, Scott Knowles said: “While many parts of our economy are facing challenges right now, it’s great to see a company like PPL PRS showing no signs of tempering its determination to grow as a business.

“It’s a great example of the diverse nature of our region’s economy and is already an important employer in Leicester.

“We’re proud to have PPL PRS join as a Strategic Partner and look forward to forming a close working relationship.”


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