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Networking opportunity to support the survival of local theatre performances

Organisers hope the event will aid the survival of local theatre.

Local society rehearsaling for Made in Dagenham

A musical theatre group has created a one-off networking opportunity taking place at The Little Theatre on Tuesday, November 16.

It's in celebration of supporting local theatre as well as the society's first time back on stage since 2019.

Knighton Park Amateur Operatic Society (KPAOS) was established in 1979 and has produced a musical performed locally in Leicester every year since. Only a global pandemic was able to stop them from putting on a show in 2020.

The group is making quite the come back with the hit musical Made in Dagenham.

It's an empowering show full to the brim with comical and emotive numbers that are guaranteed to have you 'Stand Up' (as one of the songs is named) in protest with the Ford factory workers who started the fight for equal rights and equal pay for women back in 1968.

The KPAOS networking event invites members of the business community to also 'Stand Up' in support and recognition for the survival of local theatre on the opening night of Made in Dagenham.

KPAOS Chair Jade Afflick-Goodall said: "Every ticket sold is a further step of existence for local theatre groups. Amateur groups may be amateur by name but their standards are professional, and that certainly is the case for KPAOS."

Committee member Renata Maynard said: "Local theatre gives people across all demographics the chance to be involved both on and off stage and to watch shows that they wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to see.

"Theatre as an art form allows actors and musicians to express themselves and entertain. Audiences can be immersed in the experiences. They laugh, cry, and share in human emotion all for the cost of a ticket."

The Little Theatre is an important part of Leicester culture and is currently raising funds and doing what it can to remain open post-pandemic, providing local people with not only a place to see fantastic shows, but a place to showcase their budding or experienced talent.

Tickets cost £23.23 for the opening night networking event at The Little Theatre. The price includes a welcome drink, show programme, show ticket, the chance to get to know fellow business owners, and an exclusive talk from director Joshua J. Knott

Funny, touching and timeless, Made in Dagenham shows how ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they stand together.

Show our much-loved Little Theatre your support by purchasing networking tickets to Made in Dagenham here.

Advisory: Made in Dagenham contains strong language and adult themes.


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