Niche Business Awards 2021 nominations now open

The event is planned to be held at Athena with a Mad Hatter's tea party theme.

Recognising local businesses, charities and community champions, nominations for the Niche Business Awards are now open.

Nominations can be made through a simple online application form. With 15 different categories, there is an opportunity for any business, charity or local organisation in any field of any size to put themselves forward for one of these sought after, local awards renowned for acknowledging excellence and celebrating well-earned success across the county.

This year we see the Niche Business Awards regarded more importantly than ever to help keep us focused on our goals and drive local economic recovery. Event organiser Cross Productions prepares to receive hundreds of applications.

In such surreal times, it can feel as though we’ve been lost down the rabbit hole. The Cross Productions team are grinning like Cheshire cats having themed the 2021 awards around a Mad Hatter’s tea party, incorporating the works of Lewis Carroll including Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Helping paint the roses red, this year’s headline sponsor is The Lettings & Sales Business. Co-Founders Jaz Kaur and Narinder Nijjar, known as “The Property Professionals” for their expertise within the property industry, have come onboard as headline sponsor to champion excellence across the county.

Narinder said: “It’s a massive privilege for us to be involved in such a fantastic event as the Niche Business Awards. We always try to align ourselves with the right type of business partners – the awards were certainly something we wanted to be aligned with as they celebrate the best in business in Leicestershire and provide that feel-good factor.

“We love working with Cross Productions as they really are like an extension of our team are we are thrilled be involved in acknowledging all the exceptional people and businesses we have in the county with the Cross and Niche teams.

“Having come through a challenging year, it’s now time to go onwards and upwards to new horizons – much like the phoenix rising from the ashes! We’re all motoring on together to ensure that Leicester retains its prominence on the business map.”

The NBA 2020 ceremony aired live online on January 22 this year, but the 2021 event is planned in to take place in person at Athena on September 24.

Athena events manager Hira Ram states the team at Athena is well equipped to tackle any challenges as the ceremony date approaches.

The Niche Business Awards has been running for six years and, going into its seventh year, there are some exciting changes ahead.

There’ll be new categories including Entrepreneur of the Year and an award for Community Impact.

Event organiser Leanne Latham said: “We’re so grateful to be able to bring the awards back for their seventh year. Bringing the virtual 2020 awards together was a tough challenge but we’re now more prepared than ever to go ahead with this year’s event as usual.

"With new categories and such a great theme ahead, we’re excited to see the nominations start coming in.”

Nominations can be made by anyone for anyone, meaning you can nominate a colleague, friend, family member, or even yourself. It’s a quick and easy process and that recognition often means the world to a business owner – certainly during these tough times.

CEO of Cross Productions Jenny Cross said: “We would love to see more people shouting about one another. As a business owner you often have friends in similar positions.

"If everyone nominated just one person, the amount of positivity that would come from such a gesture would have a huge domino rally effect across the city. Surely that is worth taking ten minutes out to be part of such a positive change.

“Now more than ever these small gestures and random acts of kindness have a huge impact. Success breeds success and these small wins are for the good of everyone.

“Let’s look at the situation we’re in and see it as a chance to explore, educate and create. We will rise from this global pandemic and build, reconcile and recover. We are building a legacy.”

Don’t be late for this very important date! Nominations opened this morning and will close on Friday April 30, 2021.

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