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Nuffield Health teams up with Leicester Falcons

Nuffield Health Leicester will support Falcons players this season.

Healthcare charity Nuffield Health Leicester has joined Leicester Falcons in an official partnership ahead of the 2021 season.

Nuffield will play a crucial role in supporting the players during the new season by providing hospital services as well as supporting players at our fitness and wellbeing gyms.

Guy Kersey, chairman of Leicester falcons said: "It is fantastic to have Nuffield Health as our title sponsor for the 2021 season. To be able to provide the highest quality support to our players and staff is invaluable.

"With such a collision sport to be able to get high-quality, high-speed diagnosis and speeding up the recovery process gives us a competitive edge. In addition to be able to give our players access to the best gyms and fitness centres is another benefit to being part of the Falcons organisation."

Over the past 60 years Nuffield Health has provided first class healthcare across its 31 award-winning hospitals, 113 fitness and wellbeing centres, healthcare clinics, and has introduced over 200 workplace wellbeing services.

Formed in 2006, initially as a senior team, the Leicester Falcons formed a nucleus of players who share their knowledge and enjoyment for American Football within Leicestershire and have gone on to play in the premier division.

Tony Yates, Hospital Director said: “This is another amazing partnership with Leicester Falcons, we are delighted to be able to support local teams within our community.

"Nuffield Health Leicester is part of the UK’s largest healthcare charity and we are well positioned to provide award winning care to players and staff from.”


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