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Over £11k raised by Furnley House Foundation FiveAthlon Challenge

It supported Steps Conductive Education Centre, Focus Charity, and Heartwize.

Stefan Fura, Darren Bradbury, and Kevin Dunn took part in the FiveAthlon Challenge.
Stefan Fura, Darren Bradbury, and Kevin Dunn took part in the FiveAthlon Challenge.

From June 5-9, Furnley House chief executive officer Stefan Fura, head of culture Kevin Dunn and protection specialist Darren Bradbury joined forces for the FiveAthlon Challenge. The event aimed to raise funds for three Leicestershire based charities.

The inspiring FiveAthlon Challenge pushed the team to their limits, not just physically but also mentally.

Over five consecutive days and across five diverse locations, each team member took on their own rigorous activity. Stefan Fura swam 2km, Kevin ran 13.1 miles and Darren cycled 91 kilometres per day.

During the challenging days, friends of Furnley House joined the team for various legs of the challenge, amplifying their efforts to maximise fundraising.

The Furnley House Foundation was born out of local financial adviser and mortgage broker Furnley House’s ambition to create opportunities and improve the lives of the local community.

The money raised from the Furnley House Foundation will support three charities that were selected during the 2023 Leicestershire Community Champions Awards: Charity of the year winner Steps Conductive Education Centre, and finalists Focus Charity and Heartwize.

Steps Conductive Education Centre is a registered charity supporting families with children who have special educational needs.

Focus Charity supports vulnerable young people, many of whom are in mental health crisis. Heartwize delivers basic life support training which includes CPR using resuscitation dolls as well as teaching how to use a defibrillator.

Head of Culture, Kevin Dunn said "The FiveAthlon Challenge was an incredible experience that pushed us all to our limits. Knowing that our efforts will make a real difference for amazing causes is what really kept us going.

"We are incredibly grateful to everyone who supported us, whether by sponsoring, donating, spreading the word, providing butties or joining us for a leg of the challenge, your support made all the difference. Thank you!"


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