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Planning permission granted to expand Leicester's football King Power Stadium

The football stadium will seat up to 40,000 visitors.

Leicester's King Power Football Club Stadium. Image Credit: LCFC website

Leicester City football Club applied for planning permission to expand the stadium earlier this year which have now been confirmed.

The expansion wishes to include a hotel and business centre, flagship fan store, an events arena and residential flats.

The stadium itself will seat up to 40,000 visitors during football games as part of their East stand expansion. A newly built car park, cycle hub and energy centre will also sit close to the stadium.

LCFC's expansion plans. Image Credit: BBC News

Since planning permissions have been approved, there is hope to start construction in the New Year with a goal to be completed by 2024. There should be no disruption to games during this time.

A spokesperson said: "The club extends its thanks to its external project team - including project managers Legends International; planning and development consultants Turley; and architects KSS.

"Having now shared our proposals with a diverse range of stakeholders in the city, the club's belief in the project's transformational potential has been strengthened."

Hoping to increase employment, the plans for this expansion will allow over 1,000 job positions across its facilities.


Written by Siddiqa Reininghaus

Siddiqa is a Feature Writer for Niche Magazine and Cross Productions with experience of working as a journalist and copywriter. She enjoys going to the gym, cooking, and binge-watching Netflix series.


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