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Rethinking utility budgets

As businesses look to restructure budgets due to Covid, Assured Energy gives advice on how to save during the energy market’s biggest price drop of the year.

One quarter of UK companies temporarily closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, and those that continued operating reported lower turnover, according to an Office for National Statistics survey back in April.

For those that have been fortunate enough to remain in business, they won’t have escaped the effects of the pandemic, and just about every industry will carry its scars forever.

To survive and recover, many companies will be looking at their budgets and making savings where possible and doing so with care so as not to deepen the wound.

One company wants to alert businesses – especially SMEs – to savings that can be made, and costs that can be avoided on services we use every day.

Utility provider Assured Energy says it has seen two things happening in recent months: a significant drop in energy prices, and businesses making rash decisions in the hopes of avoiding hassle with providers.

Sam Edwards, Partner Channel Manager UK at Assured Energy, said: “We understand that while there is a lot to keep up to date with in terms of government rules and legislation and work and home life in these times, that lots of people will be focusing on the matters at hand that are right in front of them.

"If we can get through to some businesses and encourage them to review their utilities, they will find there are many ways to save in the long term. It may even be a lifeline to some companies.”


Read the full article in Niche Magazine.


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