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Reviewed: Black Iron's express menu at Winstanley House

Dine and dash has a whole new meaning.

Yesterday I experienced the new Express Menu on offer from Black Iron at Winstanley House.

You can now indulge in this experience for all your corporate catch-up needs. The express menu is available at the perfect weekday business meet times.

If you're looking for an inspiring setting for your business luncheons, then there are no shortcomings in sight throughout the interior to capture that perfect Instagram picture.

Offering two courses for £22 or three courses for £28, I will share with you what both Jenny Cross, CEO of Cross Productions and myself thought…

Upon arrival at Black Iron, Caitlin was ready to welcome and seat us as our host for the evening.

Eyeing the menu, I would describe it as sophisticatedly simple. This key to making business meet-ups seamless. It ensures your time is spent on the matters in question, rather than time spent on perusing an extensive menu.

Displaying a trio of starters and deserts, there was enough range in the choice, but it was also easy to decide our first combination of the courses to try (don’t worry, we will be going back until we complete all possible combinations!).

Once settled on a 10 OZ Rump Steak with peppercorn sauce, the main meal was accompanied by beef dripping fries, which surely are a winner in everyone’s book. It also came with a vibrant fresh side salad laced with beetroot, carrots and onion that lifted the plate.

The portion size left me feeling satisfied but with just the right amount of room to indulge in a sticky toffee pudding.

The balance in this dessert was beautiful, featuring an orange jam paired with clotted cream.

Appealing to the corporate diners, staff appreciate you're busy schedule and appreciate you may need to dine and dash. So, there was no waiting around to get someone's attention for the bill. All service was exceptionally efficient.

You can enjoy the Express menu at Black Iron from 12pm – 2pm and later on at 5pm – 5:30pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Take a peek at the full menu here.

So, who is up for a working lunch with me?


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