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Reviewed: Wok to Walk

An eat-as-you-go, build-your-own Asian restaurant opened in Granby Steet for the first time today.

Wok to Walk prides itself in offering something a little bit different, serving simple, sizzling Asian food in a flash.

The new restaurant, in the heart of Leicester at 74 Granby Street, has created 7 jobs, has indoor and outdoor seating, and will be open until late every night.

Wok to walk had a great ambience when the friendly staff welcomed my guest and I.

I especially enjoyed the build-your-own style menu which allowed you to choose a base and sauce for £3.95 and then add in meat and toppings for extra.

I decided to have egg noodles for my base and Hong Kong (Sweet and sour) sauce with chicken Kastu and a topping of sesame seeds and fresh lemonade.

My guest had Egg noodle base with Seoul (Dark soy and ginger) sauce with chicken Kastu, Cashu nuts and coriander topping. I liked being able to see the cooks tossing the noodles as they cook in front of you.

The fresh lemonade was really refreshing and nicely sweet.

As a person who can’t handle too much spice, I’m glad to say there was not any in my dish but was still very flavoursome and tasty.

The portion sizes were large and easily filled me up. They come served in boxes so you can take your leftovers home for later.

The restaurant offers you the option to use a fork or, if you're more adventurous, you can use the chopsticks for a more authentic Asian cuisine experience.

This was a great place to pop in for a quick bite and also to take with you on the go. I would defiantly recommend a visit when you want oodles of noodles on the go.


Written by Katie Brennan

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