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"Seedling" audio installation in Rutland shines light on big issues

Motherhood, environmental responsibility and climate change are all key features of the exhibit.

The audio installation is coming to Oakham Library from May 24, 2024. Photo by Christian Sinibaldi.
The audio installation is coming to Oakham Library from May 24, 2024. Photo by Christian Sinibaldi.

Seedling returns to Rutland this Spring, with Helen Crevel’s original audio piece now installed alongside a new audio piece for children and young people under 12. The new work, inspired by the important themes of the first piece, has been co-created with Years 3 and 4 at Cottesmore Academy, Rutland, working with the original creatives.

The two audio pieces will be shared in pop-up installations in both Oakham and Northampton, alongside textile creations, made by local people in the weeks leading up to the installations. The sessions will aim to look at how our families shape our identity and our relationship with where we live as well as how we think about the future.

Lead co-creator Anne Langford comments, "We are thrilled to be developing a new story with and for children, exploring how we can care for ourselves and each other in a changing climate. A surprising, and exciting encounter, between a child and fox will support children to reflect on how they can be good stewards of the natural world, and benefit from the pleasure and wellbeing that connection to the natural world brings."

The original audio piece, Seedling, focused on potential motherhood, environmental responsibility, and consumerism, seeking to provoke conversations on the themes. Housed in a specially designed space, audiences are once again invited inside to hear the piece, feeling like they are entering a domestic space, someone’s home, with the dome-like shape covered in textiles and fabrics.

Photo by Christian Sinibaldi.
Photo by Christian Sinibaldi.

This updated version of Seeding with the new components aims to capture and amplify intergenerational stories of multicultural family heritage. The project aims to make discussion around the climate crisis more accessible and more easily understood, partnered with underrepresented perspectives.

Since its first outing in 2021, Seedling has also been seen in its European premiere in Budapest as part of CSET Fest in May 2023. For this iteration, both audio pieces will have BSL video versions, a written version on site and be available digitally.

Seedling is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. The textile sessions are supported by National Lottery Community Fund and Constance Travis Community Endowment Fund (Northamptonshire Community Foundation). The new work is available for schools in 2024-25 as a touring experience that can be set up in classrooms and halls.

Seedling is produced by Carbon Theatre, and will be coming to Oakham Library in Rutland, May 24 to June 1, 2024.


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