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Stonemason and geologist set up art gallery

Melton Mowbray is set to get a new art gallery, which is thought to be the only place in Europe where the unique art form is produced.

Waiting patiently for his chance to shine in the art world, stonemason Stephen Wain achieved his long-awaited dream this year of earning an art-related career.

The 55-year-old has taken to swapping his dusty work boots, which he wears to run his business Sedgewick Stone that he set up over 30 years ago cutting and fitting high quality, natural stone for homes and offices, in favour of even dustier work boots to produce a unique form of stone-based artwork.

It’s taken Stephen and colleague geologist Russ Parsons, 52, over two years to perfect the process of etching on slate, and when I went for a sneak peek of the Goffod gallery back in September, the unfinished space was packed with excitement and perfectly etched pieces.

Their boyish enthusiasm for what they’ve managed to create was infectious and just like Stephen, I too “cannot wait for someone to commission a piece as big as the wall.”

It sounds like the pair have put in some serious graft over the years in the fittings business, but neither of them is new to the art scene.

Stephen said: “We've been doing kitchen worktops, vanity units, and floors but it is heavy, dirty work. I’d had this idea to put artwork on slate for a few years, but it was an investment to get it started.

“I love all kinds of art. I’ve been to hundreds of galleries. My favourite is probably the Tate in St Ives in Cornwall. I’ve even worked in a few galleries. I’ve always been into art, poetry, and drawing. I do a bit myself but nothing to the standard of the lasering. I'm blown away by the quality. This is the dream.”


Read the full article in Niche Magazine.


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