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Survey reveals Leicester third most grown-up UK city

Leicester has been named the third most grown-up UK city according to a fun new survey commissioned early this year.

A nationwide poll revealed Leicester is the third most grown-up city in the UK, with 50 per cent feeling like a grown-up through and through.

Stoke-on-Trent was the most grown-up city in the UK (62 per cent) and Sheffield took the second spot (58 per cent).

The survey asked people across the UK to list the signs that they had reached adulthood, with remembering to pay the bills on time (48 per cent) emerging as number one, followed by staying calm in an emergency (38 per cent) and remembering which days the rubbish bins and recycling need to go out (36 per cent).

And according to the research of 1,500 Brits, commissioned by building materials supplier Southern Sheeting, prioritising bedtime is also a clear sign you’re all grown-up, as almost a third of UK adults admit there’s nothing better than being able to appreciate an early night (32 per cent).

Other clear signs you’re officially an adult include resisting the urge to stay in bed all day with a hangover (26 per cent), becoming green-fingered (26 per cent) and having the culinary skills to cook up a fancy Sunday lunch (29 per cent).

The study also found that 29 per cent said that not being fazed by DIY was a crucial part of the growing process - although 26 per cent have asked our partner or housemate to deal with a tradesman, simply because we didn’t feel confident enough to do it ourselves.

“The research shows there are plenty of signs you’re officially a grown-up, from looking forward to an early night to getting into gardening. We can’t help the nation’s big kids with everything on this list but there’s definitely no need to worry about DIY,” says Tony Hobbs, Managing Director at Southern Sheeting.

“YouTube is full of videos which can show you how to get cracking on a home improvement project, from putting a new roof on your shed to transforming it into a garden office. Whatever your ambitions, ordering the right materials for a project is easy if you have access to expert advice and do your research.

“We’ve been blown away this past year by the scale of projects our customers have taken on, from building a shepherds hut as a family holiday home, to constructing a retirement houseboat and even putting up an outdoor bar with a Jacuzzi. It’s amazing what you can achieve with some patience and a positive attitude.”

The nationwide poll revealed that the age we officially become an adult isn’t on our 21st birthday, after all, it's in fact the age of 32.


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