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ThinkWell-LiveWell platform seeks weight control programme trialists

One thousand people are being recruited to sample the groundbreaking new on-and offline course for free.

A unique therapy and wellbeing website is looking for trialists from several US and UK cities, including Leicester.

The trial will be run through the month of October and participants will be asked to complete the 21-module course and report back on the results by the end of the month.

All participants will also receive free one-year access to all ThinkWell-Livewell psychologist-approved programmes, normally costing over £70.

What is At Your Happy Weight and how is it different?

At Your Happy Weight is a holistic, life-changing body image and weight control course blending and combining leading therapies.

The website explains: “Healthy body image isn’t about following unrealistic images pressed on you by the media. Happiness isn’t a number on a scale: it’s your ideal balance of lifestyle, body image and health.”

If you’re fed up with trying diet after diet or club after club, if you want to reach and sustain a healthy, happy body shape by embracing changes in your emotion, awareness and behaviour deep down and for good, this is the perfect opportunity to try out a new method – by finding and maintaining your ‘Happy Weight’.

How does the At Your Happy Weight programme work?

At Your Happy Weight is designed to not just change your weight in the short term, but to maintain the change in the long term by resolving the internal conflicts that keep so many of us in that yo-yo relationship with our body shape and, often, with our self-esteem.

Diet clubs and cognitive programmes do a lot to repeat the logic and enforce ‘self-discipline’ – but still there will be that inner voice that doesn’t want to let go of our old choices and behaviours.

Our ideal body weight comes from a mutual balance of emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. At Your Happy Weight is an emotionally focused, enjoyable programme helping to develop sustainable, balanced behaviour by not only engaging logical awareness, but also working with the seat of your emotions and beliefs, the subconscious, to help discover what really works for you, allowing you to develop new habits and behaviours that last.

What works for one person may be completely impossible for another. It really is the case that one size cannot possibly fit all.

Wouldn’t it be great to finally convince that resistant part of you and your inner voice that you will be far happier when you are at your ‘Happy Weight’? And that the process of reaching it is empowering and joyful?

What’s involved in the trial study for volunteers?

The programme consists of 21 modules – which is why participants have up to a month to complete it, allowing for breaks and ‘time outs’.

Once a day you’re asked to listen to a 30-minute(ish) relaxing, enjoyable, and empowering audio recording. You’ll then receive an email summarising the audio session and introducing you to an offline cognitive session, with a downloadable form for you to read, think about and complete.

All that’s required is for participants to set aside some time and space for a feel-good audio session, for me time, and a little written reflection.

There is no dictation about what you should eat, whether you should wriggle into some Lycra and do stretches in front of the neighbours, etc.; you’re a grown-up who can make your own choices. The point of the programme is to put you into the frame of mind that allows you to make the right choices.

Importantly, the programme materials let the user under the hood of the mechanism offering a high degree of ownership of the process.

When can volunteers apply?

Sign up for free before Friday, September 24 to book your place on your ‘Happy Weight’ journey starting in October.


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