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What's on the menu at Orton's Brasserie

The new Cultural Quarter restaurant has a unique menu.

With its striking gorilla branding, homage to Leicester’s famous playwright Joe Orton, and stunning Victorian building, Orton’s Brasserie was predicted to be a hit.

Since it opened in August, Cultural Quarter visitors have relished posting selfies of their whereabouts at the new restaurant.

We caught up with Head Chef Andrew Greasley on why Orton’s has been such a hit.

The restaurant and venue had developed intrigue among Leicester locals back in its ‘Joe’s Delivery Service’ era of lockdown.

Its popularity has only increased over the months, which is in part thanks to a unique food offering and dining experience.

Former MasterChef: The Professionals contestant Andrew Greasley joined Orton’s just over two months ago and spent much of lockdown perfecting his menu for the eatery.

Andrew told us: “It was really important to me that the menu encompassed the ethos of the business to bring modern British cuisine to the heart of the Cultural Quarter in an accessible and new way.”


Read the full article in Niche Magazine.


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