Why photography should be part of your marketing plan

Brand photography must evolve to engage consumers, photographer and videographer Jay Nandha explains how.

Photography has formed part of the most primitive business plans since its

invention in the 1800s.

It’s been a staple component of building brand voice and awareness. But as social media

changed our consumer habits, brands’ marketing plans had to develop new ways of keeping us engaged.

Headshots and web content have risen in importance. In a fast-paced social media world

where we are bombarded constantly with content, businesses have to keep up.

Imagery plays a huge part in engaging audiences. Tweets with images, for example, are 150x more likely to be retweeted than those without.

Headshot and web content photographer Jay Nandha has been capturing the essence of

company brands since 2009.

He runs and owns J Nandha Photography & Video and has a team of photographers and videographers who he has trained to reflect his style of work.

“A website is often the first impression that consumers receive,” Jay said.


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